Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Hello & Welcome to the Cherry Blossom Bakery Blog! This year has seen some radical technological advances in my life.... first Twitter and now Blogging - who would have thought I would have ever strayed from my trusty Facebook :o)

8 weeks ago, Cherry Blossom Bakery was born! We have settled into our beautiful little tea shop on a lovely little cobbled street in the heart of Macclesfield Town Centre - and now the icing sugar dust has settled after a hectic and challenging first few weeks, we thought it time to document our baking journey by way of a blog. As much a cathartic exercise for me, as hopefully an enjoyable read for you!

Not entirely sure what delights will grace the pages of this blog yet, but we shall just have to wait and see

Happy Baking & Keep Warm
Antonia @ Cherry Blossom Bakery xx